Sunday, 27 November 2016

Still celebrating our successes in Room 12.

Its the first week of Advent and the Christmas holidays are not that far away.  In room 12 we continue to do our learning and today we celebrated the fact that Andrew is now on blue words for reading.  We did the teacher's dance and congratulated Andrew with much clapping and yahooing.  It is delightful to see that the children are able to celebrate the learning of others.  Well done Andrew.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A very proud teacher for lots of reasons.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was away from school with a very sore throat.  Today I came back to school to hear the news that the reliever in our classroom was VERY impressed with the class and how they know what is expected of their behaviour and learning.  Well done room 12 I am very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!
I missed out on tents yesterday but today we did various Outdoor Education activities.  What fun the teams had with my activity which was a large 'parachute' game with tennis balls.  It took the children awhile to figure out that they had to work as a team to keep the balls from going through the centre hole or onto the ground.  One team was able to keep a ball on the mat for 43 seconds which took some real team work.  Other activities included pikelet making, marshmallow roasting, and tent making.
And this afternoon we had 'Little Learners".  I have to say the 'big school kids' were a tad tired from the morning activities but we welcome with Ruby, Ella and Johnny into our class family.  Again I was a very proud teacher when these three 'Little Learners' read their book AND did some handwriting.
All in all a great day (even if the teacher still had a bit of a sore throat!!!!!)  God bless you families old and new.  Its great to have you at St. Mary's.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Our last learning of the day.

In the beautiful sunshine we practised dribbling a soccer ball using the inside of our foot.  We had a partner and learnt to take turns dribbling the ball.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our Little Learners.

We welcomed with love our Little Learners into room 12 on Thursday.  After some reading and alphabet work we went to visit our school library.  then we came back to sing some super simple songs.  We really really really don't like 'broccoli' ice cream so it was really good that we only had to sing about it!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Riding our bikes on the bike track.

For the first time today we rode the bikes on the bike track.  It took awhile to sort the helmets out but then the big kids came to help and away we went.  Many of us are very confident at riding a two wheeler.  Azariah started off on trainer wheels but he was so good at that that Mrs Neilson knew he could ride a two wheeler.  We rode around the track many times and some of us even had a go on the skills track.  We really enjoyed bike riding.
A big thank you to mums and dads who came in to look at our books. Mrs Neilson was very pleased with the way the children could explain their learning.  You are very welcome to come to Room 12 and look at the children's books anytime.  God bless you all.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

We welcome with love Kobe and Logan to our class family.

Two of our Little Learners are now BIG School Kids and Mrs Neilson is very pleased with the new learners in Room 12.  Logan and Kobe are already writing stories, doing mathematics and reading books.  They have senior buddies to help them in the morning and they have reading buddies to practice their reading with.
We started milk this week and everyone is enjoying the carton of fresh milk they have after morning tea.  And we are still swimming every afternoon which is just great for cooling off after lunchtime.  We can ALL put our heads under now and we are learning to relax in the water and float.  We are using the flutter boards to help us with our floating and kicking.
Today we went to the library and Mrs Greaney our librarian said we were like quiet library mice!  We didn't wake the library lion or the library cat - they must have been asleep in a book somewhere.
We are learning about what it was like when Jesus was a little boy In Palestine and we learnt that Jesus slept on a mat and not in a bed.  We have a little Jesus house in the classroom to play in and pretend we are Jesus.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Welcome to Room 12, 2016.

Room 12 gathered today as a class family for the first time.  There are seven children in our classroom - Elena, C.J., Davey, Conrad, Sonny, Sienna, and Madeline.  Our learning day started with prayer and then we went to School Assembly.  After that we did Maths, Handwriting, Reading, Writing and talked about being a kiwi and living in New Zealand. Mrs Neilson took some photos of us learning and also a photo for our display board outside the classroom.  We had a very, very happy day of learning and when the bell went everyone asked "Do we have to go home now?" Mrs Neilson said yes we did have to go home but that we could come back tomorrow.  Mrs Neilson can't wait to go home and read our first stories to Ben, her dog, and to tell her husband David what a blessed teacher she is to have such a wonderful class of learners.  Mums and dads you can be very proud of your BIG SCHOOL KIDS!!!!!!